SAP2000 Features

- Buckling
- Large Displacements
- Frequency Domain
- Nonlinear Material Behavior

Data Exchange
- Open Application
   Programming Interface (OAPI)
Steel Framed Structures
Concrete Framed Structures
Light Gauge Construction
Staged Construction
Offshore Structures
Sap2000 Course
Manuals and Help
New Release
SAP2000 v12
    SAP2000 ANALYSIS  
    SAP2000 is available in three different levels: Basic (B), Plus (P) and Advanced (A). Different add-on modules are also available: Bridge (BR), Offshore/wave (OS), Staged Construction (SC). A letter in parenthesis following a feature identifies the version(s) that are associated with it.

• Static Analysis with Frame and Shell Objects (A, P, B)
• Response Spectrum Analysis with Eigen or Ritz Vectors (A, P, B)
• P-Delta Analysis (A, P, B)
• Joint Constraints including Rigid Bodies & Diaphragms (A, P, B)
• Applied Force and Displacement Loading (A, P, B)
• Gravity, Pressure and Thermal Loading (A, P, B)
• Layered Shell Element (A, P, B)
• Post Tensioning in Frame, Area and Solid Objects (A, P, B)
• Relaxation & Anchorage Slip Losses in Tendons (A, SC)
• Plane, Asolid and Solid Objects (A, P)
• Time History Analysis, including Multiple Base Excitation (A, P)
• Frequency Domain Analysis – Power Spectral Density (A, P)
• Moving Loads (A, P, BR)
• Time Dependent Concrete Creep & Shrinkage Effects (A, SC)
• Frame Hinges for Axial, Flexural, Shear & Torsional Behavior (A)
• Nonlinear Static Pushover Analysis (A)
• Viscous Dampers (A)
• Fiber Hinges (A)
• Base Isolators (A)
• Gap Object for Structural Pounding (A)
• Time History with Wilson FNA or Direct Integration Methods (A)
• Dynamic Effects of Moving Loads (A, P, BR)
• Segmental Construction Analysis (A, SC)
• API Simplified Fatigue Analysis (A, OS)

• Buckling Analysis Around Any Nonlinear State (A)
• Element-Based P-Delta Effects for Local Buckling Instabilities (A)

• Large Displacement/Small Strain Analysis (A)
• Nonlinear Large Rotations Cable Analysis (A)

• Steady State Analysis (A, P)
• Power Spectral Density (PSD) Analysis (A, P)
• Frequency Dependent Properties for Links/Supports (A, P)

• Pushover Analysis Using Fiber Models (A)
• Viscous Damper with Nonlinear Exponent on Velocity Term (A)
• Base Isolator with Biaxial Plasticity Behavior (A)
• Hinges offer P-M-M Interaction with Moment-Curvature (A)
• Section Designer – Mander Model for Confined Concrete (A)
• Pivot-Hysteresis and Takeda Models for Plastic Link Behavior (A)
• Double-Acting Friction Pendulum Isolators (A)

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